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Co-director / Co-producer          2024

The film has been supported by the Ford Foundation, International Documentary Association, Firelight Media and the Danish Film Institute. 


Inside China's Tech Boom (2023)

In the span of just a few decades, China has transformed into a science and technology superpower. But how did it get here and where is it headed? Take an insider’s tour of high-profile tech companies and labs that are driving China’s meteoric rise to the forefront of global innovation. How does China innovate? What drives its bid for technological supremacy? And what does its rise mean for the future of the global economy?

Co-Director        2023


The Day I gave Up My Daughter (2023)

China enforced the One-Child Policy for 36 years from 1979 to 2015 in order to combat overpopulation. In it, any family having more than one child would be subject to harsh fines. Due to the status associated with male heirs, the policy led many families to give up their newborn daughters, ending up in international adoption. Now that over two decades have passed, those daughters have become adults, and many wish to be reunited with their biological parents. In this program, one such woman makes the journey to her homeland to meet her birth parents for the first time.


DP (US segment)      2023

Cannabis: America's Green Gold Rush (23min)

As more US states move to legalise marijuana, there has been a rush to cash in on the business. In New Mexico, a bizarre boom and bust of marijuana has become a cautionary tale. Last summer, hundreds of Chinese migrant workers struggling with job scarcity during the pandemic flocked to a remote city on the Navajo Nation Indian reservation. They went there for what they believed were well paying jobs on hemp farms, but ended up in massive illegal marijuana operation that left 17 workers detained and many others displaced. Jessica Lussenhop explores the dark side of America's 'green gold rush' and its impact on the Navajo and Chinese communities.

Director / DP / Editor       2021


Fighting fentanyl (15min)

Overdoses linked to fentanyl, a synthetic opioid up to 50 times stronger than heroin, killed nearly 30,000 people in the United States in 2017. Authorities say most fentanyl sold in the state of Pennsylvania can be traced back to China. We went to Kensington, an area considered a “ground zero” of America’s opioid crisis, in the Pennsylvanian city of Philadelphia, to find out how a drug funneled through from China is fueling a health crisis half a world away.

Director / DP / Editor       2019


A Billion Chinese Dreams: Sustainable development in China (48 min)

Inspired by Peter Hessler's book ”Country Driving", a classic known for its keen observations of China as a time of monumental changes, veteran Chinese journalist Zhou Yijun travels across China along four unique routes - the Great Wall, railways running north-to-south, the Hu Line and the Yangtze River.


Yijun revisits the protagonists of "Country Driving" 10 years later to probe the meaning of home and happiness, the result of economic growth, the rich-poor divide and the issue of sustainable development as people seek to define their own Chinese dreams.  

Aired on Channel News Asia in December, 2019.

Episodic director 


China's New Silk Road (23 min)

China calls it the project of the century, a massive pathway of Chinese built infrastructure designed to drive trade across more than 60 countries. This new silk road, which echoes the trading routes of the past, could remake the global economy to China's advantage, and critics see it as a power grab by the communist state. The BBC's China Editor, Carrie Gracie, has travelled from the east of China to the west of Europe, to hear from people who live along the route of China's new Silk Road.

Aired on BBC News Channel in August, 2017. 



China's Science Revolution (23 min)

From building the largest radio telescope the world has ever seen, transforming our understanding of the universe to vast subterranean experiments, hunting for the world’s weirdest particles to a radical new solution to a transplant crisis that’s now being rolled out to china’s vast population and missions into space with plans for the Moon and a race to the deep that could take China to the very bottom of the ocean. This is a nation making huge leaps in research. Welcome to China’s science revolution.

Aired on BBC News Channel in August, 2016. 



At least 20,000 African immigrants live and work in an area known as the "Chocolate Town"in China's Guangzhou.


Kojo, a businessman from Ghana tries to adjust to a new way of living as he carefully navigates challenges in a delicate relationship with his wife Cindy.

Director / Editor 

Graduation project, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, University of Hong Kong, 2012.

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